Saturday, September 26, 2009

It Is Time

Of the 24 hours in a day, if I am not working... if I am not sleeping... then either I am watching TV or listening to Music. And, I love watching the TV advertisements. These days, I am a fan of the Hindustan Times ads. Hilarious, but with a message in all the flicks. Most of these sequences of ads truly reflect today's India.

  • A Man trying to cross a railway crossing even when the stop signal is active. A common sight in most of the railway crossings. It is time to use your head... it is time.
  • A roadside tea vendor rebuking a young child who works in his tea stall... It is time to stop child labour... it is time.
  • A political party worker trying to touch the feet of the leader of his party, another common thing in India. People touching the feet of Amma .. Jayalalitha. Holy Shit... It is time to stop stooping so low... it is time.
  • A man trying to peep into another person's newspaper while traveling in bus. It is time to get your own copy... it is time.
  • Four friends looking at the Bandra-Worli sea link, and one of them comments that similar structure but double in size was made in China in just 3 years. It is time to stop being cynical... it is time
  • A TV news channel reporter asking the wife of a man, how is she feeling on the death of her husband who died of spurious medicine. A reflection of the sorry state of Indian media. It is time for better journalism... it is time.
  • Three man inside a lift. One of them felt like sneezing, and seeing that another among them wore a mask immediately. I was myself witness to such non sense some weeks back when swine flu was very active. It is time to stop panicking... it is time.
  • Two friends in a restaurant. One of them kept on staring at a couple infront of them, who were romantically enjoying their conversation over food. Now, I felt ashamed at this, because I myself sometimes stare at couples doing PDA (Public Display of Affection), or at gorgeous females in malls, multiplexes, pubs. So I will say, It is time to open my mind... it is time.
Videos can be watched at the following link:

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