Monday, December 22, 2008

GTalk or STalk ???

These days MTV shows a program called GTalk, hosted by two female roadies of '08 - Anmol & Shambhavi. Well, I liked the look of Shambhavi. So, as I was surfing through the channels, I got to watch some parts of this program on a Sunday afternoon. MTV showcases this program as Girly Gossips Unplugged. I watched it for some time, and later it made me feel so yuckky. Mann ... what the crap? These two girls were shown as though they are sitting in their stylish kitchen and gossiping. And the topics of gossip are - stinking arm pits of boys, autorickshaw driver touching their private parts and handing over curreny notes, men pissing by the side of the roads, stinking socks of men etc. etc. And from time to time both these girls are uttering just a single one liner - "It's so disgusting you know ..." Oh My Good God !!! What the F**k ??? Does girls do such shitty gossips that MTV had to glorify it through a program called GTalk? It should have been named as STalk (Shitty Talk). I wish Google sue MTV for using the name GTalk. This world is so unfair. There are people like me who work from 9 to 9 and still probably not earning as much as these girls are earning by just doing some crappy things onscreen. God Tussi Bahut Unfair Ho !!!

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