Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eat Here, Drink Here & Kill Here...

So, the terror strikes again. 2 days, 2 cities, more than 30 blasts. A big blow to the sovereignty, integrity of our country. But, probably everyone of us will forget it as an another brick in the wall. Terror is as though our next door neighbor. And, some f**king terror organization calling themselves as Indian Mujaheddin claims the responsibility. I can see a great flaw over the name of this mother-f**ker organization. If they are Mujaheddin, they can't be Indians. Because an Indian will never kill another Indian, just in the name of God. Mann, these people eat the food of this country, drink the water of this country... but will also kill the people of this country, destroy the country's property. I wish, their God did not exist, how many lives would have been spared !!! If they are so much irritated in this country, if they feels that their fundamental rights are getting violated here, why the f**k they are here? Go to your own countries. We dont want you. But dudes, one thing is for sure, some blasts will never relief you from the filths where your are now. You have to improve yourself, rather than try to change your surroundings by killing innocent people in the name of God.

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