Sunday, March 12, 2006

nice to be @ Incident 2006

It was good to be at Inci - '06 ... more than that in college after 2 years.. I was so enthusiastic about going to my Alma Mater, that 15 hrs. bus journey from Pune to Surathkal looked like a few hours. It was 10am on 3rd March, and I was standing infront of the Main Gate of my college. It was great to see the main building, the Special Stage for Informelz events of Incident, ATB etc etc. and all those budding engineers. Then Lunch in Sads remined me all those good moments in those 4 years. The Party Hall, where I gave my 1st Job Treat made me go a bit senti. Enjoyed some of the events in Informelz and the Western Musical in the evening was simply awesome. The Next day i.e 4th March. Saturday was great. Enjoyed informelz, group dance to the heart's content. All the enjoyments got shattered by the tragedy with the Final Yr. guy. May his soul rest in peace. It was hard to overcome from such a trauma. Then Euphoria was very very pakao... and it was the end of the day. Spent the nite in Maharaja Hotel. On 5th, we woke up late in the cozy rooms of the hotel. Then we went for a lunch at Hao-Ming. It was just too much. Pork, Pomfret, Prawns, Hao-Ming Special Rice etc etc ... just made us immovable. But i had to return to Pune that day. With an adios to all my frends and my institute, I finally boared the volvo for Pune @ 3:30. All in all it was good to be there, and it got marked as a memorable weekend. Company of people like Neta, Rana, Donald, Bhaskar, Pagal Kulkarni, KK added more fun to the whole episode... Seriously, I was very glad to be welcomed by all juniors... although we left 2 years ago. People at informelz actually recognised us to be pass-outs ... Overall.. it was good to be there..... Hail to KREC and KRECians ... !!!

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