Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bhimashankar Jana Hai !!!

29th January... It was again a dull Sunday morning.. with nothing to do... So me with my bro ... suddenly decided to go to Bhimashankar... This place is famous for a Wild Life Sanctuary and an old Shiva Tample... Bhimashankar is a most sought after destination for all the Shiva devotees on Maha Shivratri. We did not know much abt the distance or the road.. but we started for it... As we were going through the Pune-Nasik highway .. we keep crossing milestones after milestones and finally reached the Ghat road which lead to Bhimashankar ...I still remember the dangerous mountaneous roads... I was just scared .. what if our car break down... But finally.. after 3 hrs. journy we reached Bhimashankar.. Our Speedometer indicated that we have covered almost 130 kms. !!! But it was a big kela.. the Wild Life Sanctuary was closed for public.. so we visited the Temple.. roamed arounf a bit... and finally came back.. We travelled 260+ kms.. for a place .. where we spent not more than an hr. But it was a good experience after all... A place free from pollution and far away from the madding crowd. The natural scenary was awesome.. the Bhima River .. the mountaneous curves...

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