Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year That Was...

Okay, the last day of yet another so so year. The crux is 2015 was a lesser mediocre year for me. Nothing much on personal as well as professional front happened to remember or carry forward to
the upcoming year. I watched 147 movies in the whole year of varied genre and languages. Going for campus recruitment to two of the IITs was a good experience, and it was real fun. I developed a new taste for EDM & allied music genre recently and these days I do listen to types of music which I found so yuccky till last year. It was a boring year at workplace, which is actually something to worry about. But, on a different note I ended up learning (if not become a master) many new things throughout the year, which was something cool. Like every year, I am wrapping up 2015 with the thought & repentance that the whole year sucked big time and that has been the story for most of the other years that passed by so far.

 With thoughts of a good 2016 coming up...

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