Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tarkarli Fun

MTDC Beach at TarkarliLast week, I along with a bunch of my friends went for a 3 days trip to Tarkarli. Tarkarli (Marathi: तारकर्ली) is a village in the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, India. The place is famous for its beautiful beaches and the famous naval fort Sindhudurg built by Shivaji Maharaj. The beaches are probably less frequented by people and so looked virgin and clean. The place is around 450KM from Pune and it took us around 7Hrs. to reach via Kolhapur and Ganapawda Ghats. Thanks to a long stretch of pothole ridden roads. The journey was otherwise nice through the serene roads of Konkan Maharashtra. We checked in to the MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) resort. The resort was nice except it was expensive as per the maintenance of the rooms are concerned. However, the best part was that the rooms were sea view ones and the resort had its own private beach. The restaurant in the resort was horrible, with worst quality food served in sky high prices. The first day we had lot of fun in the MTDC beach itself. The next day went to a backwater stretch, which had a small island called "Tsunami Island" :-). Another attraction of the place was that it had the lower course of a small river, where it meets the Arabian Sea. The shallow water body near the island was ideal to have a sun bath and just float and relax. There were options of many water sports as well which every one of us enjoyed. This was followed by a stupendous lunch in a place called "Atithi Bamboo". Yeah, funny name as it sounds. But the food was extremely good and priced at reasonable rates. This is the best place to fulfill ones' craving for sea food and Malwani dishes in Tarkarli. Another place of attraction is "Rock Garden" just near to Malwan town. A nice garden near the sea. However, one need to be very careful about the rough sea there and should avoid going into the water. A few other beaches, almost empty during our visits were other attractions. It was some nice relaxing days spent for all of us there. The return journey was nice as well which we did via Amboli Ghat, the same route for Pune - Goa. In fact Tarkarli is just 2 Hrs. or so from Goa. So, someone planning for a longer vacation can plan a few days in Tarkarli followed by fun in Goa. Somehow we felt the sun to be harsh in Tarkarli with probably more UV content. So, a statutory warning is to use sunscreen for sure before going out in the sun. I got exposed to severe sun burns and the wounds are still healing even after 1 week of return. Although it diluted my overall fun experience to some extent, but in all the visit to Tarkarli was a great break after a long time.

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My visit to Tsunami Island , Maharashtra,India