Saturday, January 22, 2011

random thoughts

Probably the 1st post of the New Year. I have indeed lost my habit of blogging. May be, re-tweeting has come in the way of writing long blog posts. Anyways, nothing new about this year as already 3 weeks have passed. Life is going fine. Little busy at work, and ofcourse life has been expensive over the time. One of my friend tweeted a few days back, for the 1st time in India need, comfort and luxury are being sold at the same time, at the same price. Onion, Petrol and Beer... all at INR65. Recently, recruiter from a leading software company contacted me for some open and challenging positions with them. I replied saying that I am not currently prepared enough to appear for technical interviews with them. I was aware about the difficulty level of interviews with them and knew that, it can well result in a disheartening experience. I was quite amazed to hear her reply. She wanted me to appear for it as my resume was lying idle in their database for a long time :-). Quite funny. I and one of my friends have a theory that people usually get a big belly after getting married. We were correct in our theory once again. One of our colleagues was married recently and he has put on a big belly in less than 2 months. May be we should file a patent for our theory. I like this part of the year, not because the weather is cool, but because most of my favorite brands give upto 50% discount in reduction sales. But a trouser costing INR 2799 and having a 30% discount don't make sense. I have resolution this year. I won't go to office on weekends and free food at office shouldn't entice me either. I have a pact with a friend of mine. He will kick my butt the following Monday, if I come to office on the weekend. Lemme see, till when I can save my derrière.

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