Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome Back CREED

"One Last Breath", "My Sacrifice", "Arms Wide Open", "Whats This Life For" ... are still loved and widely played song of Creed, the American Rock Band. Now the great news is that the band has formally and officially reunited after 5 years since their split in 2004. And Creed is coming up with their new album called Full Circle towards the end of this month. Fabulous news for all Creed fans, including me. Quoting the Rolling Stone magazine,

The reconciliation began last December when Stapp reached out to Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti. They agreed to meet up at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida before Stapp sang the “National Anthem” at the Champs Sports Bowl. “I was nervous, but also excited because I knew Mark would bring nothing but positivity,” says Stapp. “We exchanged family pictures and within 20 minutes we were jamming on acoustic guitars and talking about new songs.” They soon met up with drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall, who left Creed in 2000 but is returning for the new album and tour. “At that meeting we were collectively saying, ‘Hey man, I’m sorry if I hurt you or my choices did anything to cause you any pain. I have nothing but love and forgiveness for you and I hope you can forgive me. It’s all part of the process of reflection and not looking back at the six months out of 10 years that were trying.”
Now after the reunion of Creed, only time will tell the fate of band Alter Bridge, which was formed after the split of Creed by three members of Creed excluding lead vocalist Scott Stapp. Awaiting some great numbers by Creed as they offered in their previous three albums. Hail to Thee !!!

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