Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Week

It's almost a week now. Life is almost back to normalcy, but yet to be normal. Less crowds in the roads, lesser vehicles. An unknown fear. They say its in the air, in the door handles, the the breathes of every other people. H1N1 took away the ambiance of the whole city for a complete week and the scar is still green. The fear is still reigning in the minds. A sudden outbreak of the epidemic stopped us all. A microscopic entity showed us our real helplessness. But, we fought and we will triumph. Some says its bio-terrorism, some says its the misdeed of those filthy experiments by developed nations... and other says its a order of the nature, a few other says.. its kalyug. Indeed an ill fated memory for all the puneites. But, life moves on. H1N1 Ki Maa Ki Aankh... yes... that's the spirit.

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