Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Bakra Din to me !!!

Sometimes, I make bakra of myself. There are many instances of it but this is just a new one. A few days back I went to Reliance Fresh for buying some essential commodities... I was looking for Carton Wala Doodh, and found Amul Taaza. I looked at the manufacture date and to my astonishment, the date was 13-01-2008. I asked the salesman there, why they keep so old stock for something like milk. The person told me that, milk packed in TetraPak (boleto carton wala doodh) is intact for six months. I looked at the pack and it was written there Best Before 180 Days from the Date of Packing. But. for some reason, it was coming to my mind that 180 days is 3 months and the milk pack is almost nearing its expiry. So, I called the salesman again and told that its only some days left for the expiry and asked him if he will replace it with a fresh pack if I find milk to be spoiled. The person had to actually use simple arithmetic that 180 days is six months. In his words, "Sir, 30 days boleto Ek Mahina, toh 180 din matlab... Six months hua na?" I realized my mistake immediately and just passed him a smile. The person got a bit irritated and said "kya ... Sir ...". Later I thought over the incident and laughed a lot. Seriously, sometimes we are so much out of our mind that we do hard core silly stuffs. Its like Thomas Alva Edison, the famous scientist, forgetting his own name in the electricity bills queue. He later remembered it when someone among his friends called him by his name.

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