Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Concert of a Lifetime !!!

10 years ago, when I started getting the taste of Rock & Metal, I never imagined that someday somewhere I would see IRON MAIDEN performing LIVE!!! The legends, ruling the scene of Metal since late 70s are truly the God for the music lovers. But patience always pays. I finally got the opportunity to see them perform Live in Mumbai on the evening of 1st February. 2008. The concert started with a local band from Mumbai, followed by performance by Lauren Harris (daughter of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris). She was simply superb. The concert was finally opened by the great Indian Rock Band - Parikrama. Parikrama performed most of their originals including the classic "But It Rained". Then come the Legends. The Somewhere Back in Time, World Tour 2008 had its 1st concert in India. I was spell bound to see Bruce just in front of my eyes. A guy 60+ in age, so energetic ... it was simply mind blowing. They performed all those world hits like "Fear of the Dark", "Aces High", "Wasted Years", "Powerslave", "2 Minutes to Midnight","Clairvoyant", "Can I Play With Madness", "The Troopers", "Hallowed Be Thy Name" etc etc . The crowd was simply amazing. I suppose around 15K people turned up for the show. It was my 1st visit to an International Band's performance, and a memorable one for the lifetime. Hats Off to Maidens !!!!

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