Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pune to Trivandrum

A vacation is like love - anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia. ~Anonymous

When it feels like that
we can no longer take what we've been taking, we decide to take a vacation. With crappy stuffs going all around and getting bored with all the daily mechanical life, myself and my friend decided to go for a vacation. But a vacation will be incomplete if it is not crazy. So we made up our mind to drive down from Pune to Trivandrum, a distance of around 1500 Kms. With all necessary stuffs packed up, we started at around 11PM of 19th Dec. 2007 from Pune. The road was known to us and Kerala being the native place of my friend, there was no problem finding the correct routes. We reached Mangalore the next day around 1PM. Mangalore being the place where I spent 4 yrs. of my engineering, we dropped by my college. It was a surprise to see the changed scene of the college. There was developments all around, with newer hostels, new department buildings. I met the HOD of computer engineering. It was a real pleasure. Then we had our lunch in the most favorite resturent of my college days. Then we again headed for the next part of our journey. But 24 hrs. of continous driving was getting just too much for both of us. So we dropped by Calicut in a hotel for the night and then started for Trivandrum the next day again. Finally, by afternoon we reached our destination. Except for 2 small incidents, the whole journey was safe and sound. We travelled 1500 Kms by car, burnt 100 litres of petrol in 1.5 days; reaching Trivandrun by afternoon of 21st Dec. 2007. It will be one of the memorable trip for both me and my friend. Now enjoying nice homely food in my friend's place. A lot of plans in store for the next few days.

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