Sunday, April 23, 2006

Rongali Bihu @ Shillong after 6 years...

It was the Spring of 2000... I still remember Rongali Bihu being celebrated in my high school ground. I enjoyed all the 3 days of celebration in the Bihu Toli.. probably I new as I am moving to other parts of the country, may be in search of greener pastures and moving ahead with my career. Bihu was really great and I enjoyed with the feeling "Kal Ho Na Ho". Indeed I was correct, and I was devoid of the enjoyment for 6 long long years. But finally I broke the trend... Yesss... I was in Shillong again for the Bihu. I was lucky, as it was the Golden Jubilee celebration of Shillong Central Rongali Bihu Celebration and above all... I met my childhood friends. The guys with whom I studied from my lower primart stages. We recollected our days in Sankardev LP School... in Shillong Vidyalaya... And it filled our heart & mind with nostalagia. After that plate after plates Momo in Broadway, roaming around in the streets of Police Bazar and taking rounds of Bihu Toli in Mrinal's car. It was the most rocking vacation I had after so many years. All of us felt as though we are never separated but staying in Shillong together all these days. What should I say... but simply ... SHILLONG ROCKS !!!

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lucygribbel30216612 said...
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berin said...

How true shillong Rocks and there is no place like shillong
Miss u shillong